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Headquartered in Tomball, Texas, Scrap Metals and Plastics International excels in customer service and providing quality materials and quick payments. As seen below we are well diversified and we have 50 years + experience in the Scrap Industry. 
Scrap Metals and Plastics International is a 6th generation company. In 1907 Mr. Winski's, Great-Great Grandfather Oscar Winski, a Lafayette policeman who became one of Indiana’s first metal recyclers, started Oscar Winski Co. of which SMPI has no affiliation. He started his business by pushing carts through streets and alleys, collecting scrap metal from industries and residences. He sorted the scrap in his home garage and resold alloy-specific metals by the truckload to regional mills and foundries. 
In 1938, Mr. Winski's, great grandfather Louis Winski, Oscar's Son, had joined the business, formed a Corporation and continued to expand in the scrap industry.
A third generation, Nate Winski, Henry Winski, Mort Winski and Jack Winski, decided to relocate to Northern Indiana. They were headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana under the name of Northern Indiana Steel Company and AMI Metals. 

A fourth generation, Edward L. Winski, Greg's father, joined his Uncles at the Indiana facility and was the Vice President of Non-Ferrous purchases and sales. That company was sold in 1971 

Today, Scrap Metals and Plastics International‘s current family members consist of 5th and 6th generation scrap industry executives. 
Scrap Metal and Plastics International purchases ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals from brokers, industry and sells it to mills, foundries and smelting plants throughout the country and 

SMPI's International Trading Operation purchases and sells Scrap Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Scrap Plastics and Fuels internationally by the shipload, or container load. 

For more information please contact SMPI at 936-391-5777 / E-Mail us at greg@scrapmetalsandplastics.com or Greg12750@gmail.com